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addresses. first, remarks from virginia governor bob mcdonnell. then after that, governor jack markell. then indiana governor mitch daniels gave his plans for this year. >>> tomorrow, richard cordray, the head of the consumer financial protection bureau testifies before the senate banking committee. he was given a recess appointment by president obama over the objections of republicans. he is expected to deliver the first semiannual report to congress. mr. cordray recently served as an ohio attorney general. >>> next on c-span3, a look at several state of the state addresses. tonight, we'll start with governor bob mcdonnell. he delivered his third state of the commonwealth from the virginia state capitol. he talked about budgetprioties spending. this is about 50 minutes. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. you have obviously come back well rested. mr. speaker, mr. president, justices of the supreme court of virginia, judges of the state corporation commission, ladies and gentlemen of the general assembly, my fellow virginians, good evening. it is both my duty and privilege to join yo
our young people. i know you agree we have great teachers in virginia. people like stacy hoffleck. a teacher at john adams school in alexandria. recently named the national history teacher of the year. i happen to think my sister nancy teaches in amerous county. we all know teachers -- mr. speaker, i don't think we can vote in the middle of my speech, can we? we all know teachers who are deserved to be rewarded in the teaching of our young people. we will ensure all young people can read proficiently by the third grade. social promotions are not acceptable. when we pass the student who cannot read well and is not ready for the next grade, we failed them. our public education system is also embraced some multiple learning venues and opportunities. i agree with president obama that we need to expand charter schools in our country. i'm proposing that we make our laws stronger by requiring a portion of the state and local share of the soq funding to follow the student to the charter school and make it easier for new charters to be approved and acquire property to get up and running. i
with it? >> well, washington tried it. washington's one of the first virginia planters to say that tobacco is not going to work and to go to wheat primarily. he had other kroops, too. he had multi-sources of income. >> he had hemp, i tell ya. every time i talk about washington some young pot head comes up to me with a dollar bills and says, i grew hemp. i say, look, i'm for legalizing marijuana as much as you want to. the hemp this man grew was for fabric, it was not for smoking. >> i don't think that there's a really good rational explanation for the question that you're asking, which is a superb question. at some point, think about it this way, the greatest members of the revolutionary generation were virginians. i'm from virginia, okay? i went to the college of william & mary. i have the same color hair as thomas jefferson. what's left of it. that generation and the generation that succeeded it took the wrong turn on slavery and on the principle of state's rights. once they took that wrong turn, i mean, virginia has become a political backwater. it has never recovered its position. and
maintenance funding, then we are not serious about maintaining our infrastructure in virginia. we will also propose some other reforms to virginia department of transportation and reduce time lines for construction and others to make the road projects go smoother. we will reform and promote new expansions in the port of virginia. a great asset to be a global leader in international shipping and a growing space port on the eastern shore. i think it is also time that we address head on, ladies and gentlemen, the hard realities of our woefully funded state retirement system. as of the june valuation, the funding status of the system was 70% for state employees and 66% for teachers. you read the report. they said the numbers will go to 63 and 61% respectively in 2013. that's unsustainable. i do not want to pass this problem on to another governor. you should not want to pass this on to another general assembly. our responsibility is here. that is why i propose the largest employer contribution to the virginia retirement system in history. recommending $2.21 billion in total funding for state em
all the way into the top ten. but today, a tough in conference test on the road at west virginia. never an easy place to play. as a matter of fact, they lost four straight. first half, mountaineers going to go inside to kevin joan and jones and he's going to reverse me. second half, henry sims going to try to get it to thompson. they are going to stick with it and thompson get two of the team high's 20, but the hoyas were down 6. pretty good player, going to drain the 3, and the mountain nears led by 11. the hoyas don't go away easily. they would rally. off the steel here. thompson is going to miss it, but watch porter. he's a freshman. cleaning up the mess. and the hoyas are down 4. inbound to gary brown and the little guy is going to go coast to coast and can't stop him. can't stop west virginia. it's the hoyas first big loss of the year. paul hewitt and george mason hosting georgia state. the first half, georgia state, they are going to miss the three. upper marlboro with the rebound and throws the touchdown pass to mike morrison pais tri yachts bench loving it. final minute,
country in 1754. when the colony of virginia challenged the french building a fort in the ohio country. the war also involved acadia or nova scotia, an area on the eastern coast of canada. it's very important during the conflict. the war also involved the region of the lake champlain corridor. it's largely between two state, new york state on the western side of the lake and on the east, vermont. the northern tip of the lake does touch canada. lake champlain was important in the war. it could be an artery of invasion moving north ward or south ward as we'll see at various points of the conflict. lastly, of great importance was the saint lawrence river. the great river of canada. beginning with its source in the great lakes and of course, it's course downstream moving northeasterly all the way to the atlantic. quebec being the main french fortress and most powerful single point in canada. it was to be very significant in the conflict. let's take a look at a modern map and get a sense of this geography. today, beyond skudiscussing the military history, i'd like to give you a sense of the
industry. virginia accounts for 165 vinerds, with 67 in northen virgininia. our guest tododay owns andd operates ferman's sellers -- llars and a number of other wineries. but there are challenges in the regi. how es hee succeed where oers haveve failed? thanks for joining us on "washington business report." >> glad to be here. >> there are numerous obstacle that would m make someone wise run and scream from wine making. the weather is hoot in the summer and cold in winter, not good for one. the list could go on and on. how do you succeed? >> we have to take every problem for what it is and isolate it. our weather has been problematic, but ovethe last 10 years -- i hate to see the benefit of global warming but our summers are earlierreier. our winters are less s harsh. >> if you have lemons, make lemonade, or in your case, make wine. you were b born in great britain. yoyou have lived at different times in your life in california and various other places. u were in the air force at one point. u got intthe restaurant business here. what led you to one? >> you have to be a jack of all trade
. >>> we are waiting to find out when a virginia woman freed from kidnappers in somalia will be coming back to the u.s. jessica buchanan was rescued bay team of navy s.e.a.l.s on thursday night. the 32-year-old aid worker from bedford county was captured in october. the president authorized the rescue mission after receiving word that jessica was ill. >>> a rockville man being held in pakistan is alive and in good health according to a new report quoting pakistani security officials. 70-year-old warren weinstein was kidnapped in august. in december, al qaeda leader ayman al zawahri claimed responsibility for his kidnapping. they gave several condition force his release, including the release of three men tied to the 19993 twin tower bombing. >> we have a little snow. >> and some rain is falling off and on over the last couple of hours. right now, as we look outside, a few droplets are falling on the jefferson memorial and around the metro area. right now 42 at reagan national. light rain there. a light northeasterly breeze. looking at a view of the radar, it's effecting things from new engl
's county, arlington, and fairfax counties. virginia, west virginia, maryland, at or above freezing except the bay waters and tidal potomac. we did have flurries passing north of washington. those have dissipated. now a few clouds are coming through. we'll have sunshine this morning. but this evening a winter storm watch for tonight into saturday. all the counties in color including northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, western maryland could get snow, sleet, and icing that could cause travel problems out there this evening. but locally the impacts will be minimal. sunrise at 7:23. here's your day planner -- sunshine, then cloudy this afternoon with highs reaching upper 30s. tonight is when the wintry mix may impact the metro area. we'll look at the planner in ten minutes. danally has traffic for friday morning. >>> good morning, have an early morning crash, southbound route 5 as you approach allentown road. police are on the scene as well as the fire department. use caution. taking the beltway in prince george's county, looks really good at central avenue. light volume a
question comes from victoria williams. victoria? thank you for being here. victorious says, virginia has done a fantastic job as relates to the unemployment rate -- 6%. our state is 10%. our nation is at 8.5%. how can we model our economic attitude and our behavior is after the great state of virginia? >> i love the softball questions. thank you so much. keep throwing them up here. honestly, i do not think it is that hard. we know what works. we have been the greatest country on earth since our foundation 235 years ago. we understand these basic principles of freedom and federalism and limited government and understanding that free people, where we promise opportunity. that is what we guarantee -- opportunity. we do not guarantee outcome. a fundamental difference between us and other socialist- style country. we promise opportunity to pursue the american dream. so i think that is what we need to do. the best way we can do that is some of the kinds of things that you do. we have the second highest corporate income tax in all of the world. no wonder capital is fleeing america for europe an
in 1754. when the colony of virginia challenged the french building a fort in the ohio country. the war also involved acadia or what is also called nova scotia, the name given that area by the british. an area on the eastern coast of canada. which is very important during the conflict. the war also involved the region of the lake champlain corridor. now, lake champlain is a lake today that is largely between two states, new york state on the western side of the lake and on the east vermont. the northern tip of the lake does touch canada. so lake champlain was extremely important in the war as a corridor between the colony of new york and the hudson river valley and canada. and it could be an artery of invasion either moving northward or southward. as we'll see at various points in the conflict. and lastly, of great importance was the st. lawrence river, the great river of canada. beginning with its source in the great lakes and of course, its course downstream moving northeasterly all the way to the atlantic. and quebec being the main french fortress and most powerful single point in ca
west virginia governor earl ray tomblin who will run for reelection in november. and remarks from kansas governor sam brownback who was elected in 2010. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi will sit down with politico correspondent mike allen today. >> c. spent road to the white house coverage takes you live to the catered events all this week. >> we need to limit these entitlement programs. we need to cap them, cut captain, captain, send them back to the states, remove the federal oversight, and let the states have the flexibility to deliver these programs. >> we have brought to the forefront, others have token we talked about it. to get in office and the do nothing about it, and right now it is this liberty movement which is seen as a patriotic movement, and individual liberty movement that is saying to the country into the world, we've had enough of sending our kids and our money around the world to be the policeman of the world. it's the time to bring them home. >> as candidates get their message out, meeting voters -- >> we are so happy. >> thanks. >> i was undecided until r
're long gone. right now, it is down to the mid to upper 20s, parts and rural areas of northern virginia. much of maryland is just near the freezing mark including prince george's county and montgomery county. arlington, fairfax counties now in the upper 20s and low 30s. 38 now at reagan national. southern maryland, northern neck eastern shore, low to mid 30s. shenandoah valley, points west, most locations at or below freezing. and in the upper 20s in some of the mountain regions. and over the last 12 hours, they've had a few clouds coming through, producing a few flurries. that was a few hours ago. now, just partly cloudy around the region. we do have a winter storm watch out for late tonight into saturday. all these counties in color. for a combination of snow, sleet, and ice. it includes the northern shenandoah valley as well as the panhandle of west virginia and western maryland, from hagerstown to cumberland to frostburg and points west. for your dayplanner for this friday, sunrise at 7:23. sunshine, clouds in and out this morning. during the afternoon, clouding up with highs reachi
with that virginia natural gas. please join the fantastic shakers at 7:00 right behind us. america, we find ourselves of the crossroads one more time. this is the most important election in our lifetime. it is an amazing opportunity for us to gather the strength to preserve the great republic by moving as back towards capitalism and a further and further away from socialism. we've got to do it. and this is the year to get done. we are going to give the governor three minutes to close, and as he starts his close, i want him to answer one question as it relates to i-73. i-73, which connects six states together and gives us an opportunity to see an economic boon that would go from the coast of south carolina into the great mountains of virginia. how do we get it done? you took a bipartisan approach to infrastructure funding, and you made it happen in virginia. what advice would you give to the rest of the country? and thank you for being here. >> the only problem is that have brought more people to myrtle beach and west virginia beach. that would not be good for me. other than that, i am all for. i ment
construction barrels have been put to bed. the belt way looked good. nothing through springfield virginia. a wide angle with assurance that i 70 is in good shape. no complications coming out of southern maryland this morning. route 5, route 4 228. more to come on the traffic side. the latest from metro rail at 5:00. >> for caught 32 right now. a developing story front but does the. a mother faces charges after allegedly leaving her daughter palm alone. 86-year old was left by herself at an apartment while her mother went to a kick boxing class. the child put something in the toaster. the toaster started smoking in the smoke detector went off. a neighbor saw the girl and called 911. >> it is unusual. it does something we clearly discourage all parents from leaving their children at home. quite the child was taken to the police station. she was not hurt. the mother is charged with leaving a child unattended. she could face even more charges. >> a devastating time for a montgomery county family whose home was destroyed. a blaze broke out. the fire was so intense that it was too dangerous for
for the university of virginia and they were absolutely perfect except they were always wrong. and, you know, like he was always much more indepth than he ever realized. he liked to control the world at his desk. he's like an academic. you know, it's like here is my desk. and i'm an academic. i try to do the same thing on occasion, i guess. if i can get it all controlled right around my computer, then that's reality. you mentioned jefferson and numbers. let me stick up for jefferson a little bit. >> oh, good. >> this is unusual. >> that's not common for you. >> not common for me. but here's where i felt the impulse reading the relevant chapter of your book. and this is where you discuss jefferson and madison and their role in the politics of the 1790s and the first two party system. which is the republicans who were now the democrats and the federalists who died without issue. >> well, i don't know about that. >> but we're still here. >> the wigs and then -- >> but there isn't an actual continuity. there say break and a gap. okay. and one of the things that motivates them is their alarm at the financ
. it looks like it will be arriving just after noontime into the metro area earlier across virginia. we'll have that rain developing during the afternoon with highs only in the low to mid 40s. your evening planner in ten minutes. how's traffic? >>> good morning. we have an early morning accident. this is 295 southbound at howard road, blocking two left lanes. a single vehicle into a guardrail. use caution in the area. taking the beltway, the inner loop and outer loop in virginia at the eisenhower avenue connector, you have your left lane blocked by construction there. the beltway in maryland, now problems. back to you. >> thank you, danella. >>> now we turn our focus back to the new hampshire primary where mitt romney has pulled away even more so from the pack in the race for the republican presidential nomination. >> romney won convincingly one week after his narrow victory in the iowa caucuses. tracie potts is live in manchester, new hampshire, now with more. and a look ahead to south carolina in what's turning out to be a very tight race. good morning. [ inaudible ] >> thank you. [ c
of virginia, west virginia, and maryland. it's down into the 20s across much of virginia, including fairfax, loudoun, prince william, fauquier, down toward stafford and spotsylvania, too, and near culpeper. and farther north and west, we've had a few clouds coming through with flurries, temperatures there are around the freezing mark to a little above freezing in montgomery county and prince george's county. parts of southern maryland, though, are near the freezing mark as well as the northern neck. eastern shore in the 30s. over last 12 hours, we did have a few flurries passing north of the metro area. now we have a few clouds that are drifting in. and there is a winter storm watch out. all the counties in blue. and a winter storm warning farther west for accommodation of snow, sleet, and ice beginning tonight, around 9:00, 10:00, maybe continuing into saturday morning. we might even have freezing rain tomorrow morning. here's the day planner for this friday. we'll have sunshine this morning. sun rise at 7:23. then we'll have increasing clouds again this afternoon, similar to yesterday. an
, it's a little above freezing. elsewhere from west virginia across virginia, maryland, and the eastern shore, it is below freezing. now looking at the view from space, clouds are beginning to close in from the south and west, beginning to cover up the moon. you can still see the moon in the western sky. a halo over the next hour. there where you see the color in the lower left of the screen, that's rain. it is raining southern west virginia, southwestern virginia into kentucky and tennessee. there's some heavy rain in tennessee now. some of that moderate to heavier rain arriving here later today. so clouding up this morning, sunrise at 7:26. and then by noontime, the low 40s. and the metro area will probably see the first raindrops early afternoon. then wet after that. and chilly, too, with temperatures only in the low to mid 40s. training tonight. a look t evening -- rain continuing tonight. a look at traffic. >>> prince george's county, capitol height, addison at walker mill road. just be careful. and checking travel speeds in our area, some areas look really good. for example, if yo
and virginia -- were agitating for a new constitutional convention. in the words of james madison and george washington, they were terrified of this prospect. they believed that it would be infiltrated by enemies of the new government and that the constitution would be scrapped and done away with and that our union would be fractured, never, ever to come together again. the book then goes into the french and indian world which was a conflict in the new world and europe, perhaps the first true world war we've ever had, between the french, the english and their allies. the english expelled their opponents from continent, but aa consequence what they did was a check that kept their colonists in terror. free from the threat of the french, the american colonists were not so reliant on great britain. great britain also tried to shoulder some of the enormous costs of this onto the colonies. what followed was a rising cycle of taxation, resistance, followed by oppression where we ended up in a revolution against great britain. both madison and monroe played important roles in the revolution. james m
are waiting to find out when a virginia woman freed from kidnappers in somalia will be coming back to the u.s. jessica buchanan was rescued bay team of navy s.e.a.l.s on thursday night. the 32-year-old aid worker from bedford county was captured in october along with a danish colleague. the president authorized the rescue mission after receiving word that jessica was ill. there is no word on her current health condition. >>> arizona's governor is on the defense this morning after a tense exchange with president obama. jan brewer was seen pointing her finger at president obama after getting off air force one yesterday. brewer handed the president an invitation to talk about the border. the president told brewer he was unhappy about her portrayal of ote about in a book.hich brewer as the two reportedly began talking over each other, the president then walked away in the middle of brewer's sentence. brewer defended herself on the fox news channel. >> i want our borders secured. i want our nation protected. he wants amnesty. we're never going to agree on that. we agree to disagree on that subje
you about a school closure this morning. ferry farm elementary school in stafford, virginia, is closed today because there is no heat in the building. we're told no students or staff should report to the building today. all activities including all after-school activities schedule read also canceled. >>> and tom, this is not the day to be without heat for the little ones. >> yeah. it is cold under a clear sky. we are down into the 20s throughout much of the region. it's frosty, too. you'll be scraping frost off the windshield on this wednesday morning. right now at reagan national, though, it's above freezing at 34. and we've got a light east/northeasterly wind. the dew points up there pretty high. that's why we have quite a bit of frost around this morning. it is down to the 20s in prince george's county, montgomery, arlington, fairfax county and virginia, maryland, and west virginia. southern maryland, parts of the northern neck, lower eastern shore, a little above freezing, low 30s there. look at the view from space. we've got the cloud cover rapidly approaching us. and the moon tha
and fund the services for folks all across the state. >> state lawmakers in virginia also got down to business today and from transportation to education, the virginia general assembly is facing a slew of issues this session. >> i'm peggy fox in richmond where virginia's general assembly has kicked off with high hopes of legislation sponsored by republicans. for only the second time since the civil war -- >> the house of delegates is now in session. >> republicans control the general assembly and the governor's mansion. that change in balance could hurt northern virginia especially in education funding. >> the governor is trying to siphon 100 million a year from our schools and use it to pave roads. those of us in northern virginia and across virginia who care about education have a real problem with that. >> even springfield republican is critical of the governor's plan to remove funds northern virginia schools use to pay teachers a competitive wage. >> it costs more to live in fairfax county. they want to cut out the cost to compete bonuses in the budget, which we have to f
're basically talking about zigzagging through virginia, everything leading up the north and then grant becomes the central figure. it becomes grant and lee. the guy -- whether ted turner has lost his mojo for doing civil war stuff or not, retould call ron maxwell and say -- let's get to work opt thing. but i'm not holding my breath for it but it sure would -- i'd love to do it. that's where my robert e. lee inclination comes from. i thought marty sheen was great and bob duval and i'd like my chance to fail in the role as well. >> final question for the session? >> final? >> final question. >> steven, you over on picket, jackson, you were at the okay coral. you're in the future of avatar. if the past is pro log to the future, what life lessons have you learned throughout your career as an actor. >> that's kind of a wonderful question. i've learned life lessons interesting you bring up the okay coral. as historic at abraham lincoln and stonewall jackson. when you play somebody, you have to play it with all the self love and self-loathing they have. you have to embrace the character. my motto is
there sometimes. >> virginia is on the verge of requiring ultrasounds for every woman that wants to have an abortion. >> and rain is coming in that could cause problems in the morning. >> right in front of the white house a young woman was hit by a van. she was crossing the street. the accident still has constitution avenue closed down. jane wattrell has the details. >> reporter: reconstruction officers are here trying to find out how the young woman was struck and critically injured. it happened tonight at 17th and constitution. park police say the white van was traveling southbound on 17th street and crossed over constitution avenue when it hit the woman and pinned her under the vehicle. she was freed and taken to a local hospital where sheer has life threatening injuries. investigators are trying to figure out whether or not the victim was in a crosswalk when the accident occurred. >> the crash happened just south of constitution avenue on 17th street. we're looking into the location of the pedestrian and ambassador of the vehicle prior to the strike to determine where the pedestrian
there's the rain this morning moving into southern west virginia, southwestern virginia. heavier down across areas of tennessee and kentucky. it's all moving off toward the east. visibility is also an issue not so much here but in southern maryland. leonardtown visibility down to one quarter after mile. quarter of a mile at the pacs favorral air -- pacs naval air station. look at the 20s. mid-20s for manassas up through martinsburg. monika samtani, 6:00 a.m. with your time saver traffic. >>> no big issues to worry about. the beltway has been looking good all around town. we'll zoom in to the south side of town, northbound i-95. if you're heading northbound, you initially have delays at the prince william parkway to route 1. off and on delays like you see here from lorton to springfield. 395 still looks pretty g. i checked out the cameras at duke street to seminary road. we'll head back out to the maps this time to the north side of town, the beltway where you usually have delays on the outer loop forming right now as you head true college park and silver spring. that's what you s
into the teens throughout much of virginia and maryland. west virginia and even near the bay, eastern shore, the upper teens. prince george's county near 20 degrees. under teens in montgomery county and fairfax counties. mid 20s in washington. over the last few hour, high clouds drifting in from the south and west. those will be moving in later today. but a bright and sunny morning. sunrise at 7:25. during the day we'll have plenty of sunshine, clouding up by late afternoon. highs just reaching near 40 degrees or so by early to mid-afternoon. parade starts at about 11:00 and runs during the afternoon so that will be the mildest part of the day. hovering around 40 degrees during the parade. sunset at 5:11. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic on this martin luther king jr. day. danella's with us. good morning. >>> good morning. let's head down i-95 in virginia right around 234. if you're heading i-95 south at 234, we have an accident involving a truck in the area. you can see a single vehicle crash here. the truck is teetering on its side. be aware, this is in the lef
. the highlands of west virginia. those may move into the shenandoah valley the next couple of hours. and attempting to dry. it may come closer to the metro area by mid morning. down into the 20s through the region, low 30s in washington and by the bay. 20s shenandoah valley and into the mountains around 30 degrees. sunrise, 7:37. we may have flurries this morning. above freezing temperatures so it should not cause problems. then this afternoon, light rain is possible, especially areas south of washington across much of virginia, southern maryland, the lower eastern shore. and highs only reaching the low 40s. back to reality. yes, it is january. we'll look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's monday traffic. >>> good morning, happy monday. so far roads look good. not seeing a lot of issues. taking a live look at i-270 at west montgomery avenue, southbound i-270, clear. southbound, as well, from the spur all the way up. i'm not seeing issues making your way to urbana. i-95 in virginia, a live look at fairfax county parkway. i-95 looking good north and south, no issues. if you
a clear sky. we have areas of high clouds into the panhandle of west virginia and maryland as well as an area of thicker clouds coming in to southwestern virginia. southern west virginia. those are all advancing toward the metro area. but we'll have quite a bit of sunshine this morning and through the afternoon, much of the area will see those high clouds beginning to drift in. sunrise at 7:25. we'll get above freezing after 9:00. it's going to take a while. after that, should climb to near 40 during the afternoon. good weather for the parade and the events for martin luther king jr. day today. and then this evening, looks like a little wintry precipitation may be in the region. we'll talk about that coming up with your evening planner. that will be at 6:11. how's traffic? >>> good morning. bridge in our area look nice. let's look at the memorial bridge bridge. as you're crossing over, the outer loop making your way to virginia, no issue for you. this time also on the inner loop heading into montgomery county, you look really good. nothing standing in the roadway for you. if you ar
toward west virginia making its way in frostburg and maryland. up to the border of pennsylvania. this is a storm system that's going to come through tonight, could give a chance for flurry activity around 11:00, maybe 5:00. i'm not expecting much in the way of flurries. we are not going to get as cold as last night. the cold air caused a lot of problems out there. erika gonzalez is live. it's cold out there right now, but yesterday was colder. >> yes, colder yesterday and windy. i don't have to tell you that, doug. this morning, major, major problems with metro. they say they are good to go this evening, but they cannot guarantee the same problems would not occur if there's a sudden drop in temperatures. today's temperature was the coldest we have seen since last january. >> i started my car, it was 17 degrees. >> reporter: it's this sudden drop in temperatures that caused rails to crack this morning. >> the rails get tighter and tighter. as trains go over them, they develop cracks in there. the second crack, much smaller. on the red line outside tacoma park station. because of
fighting to get on virginia's primary ballot. they lost their challenge in court today. a judge told them they had a point but then admonished them for waiting too long to do something about it. julie carey reports from richmond. >> reporter: the judge's ruling means virginia voters will see the names of just two gop presidential candidates on the ballot when absentee voting starts next week. mitt romney and ron paul were the only two presidential hopefuls who collected the 10,000 validated signatures required by virginia law. lawyers for rick perry, newt gingrich, jon huntsman and rick santorum asked to be added to the ballot. they challenged virginia's law as unconstitutional and an abridgement of free speech because it only allows in state residents to circulate petitions. turning down their bid, the judge told them he agreed with their argument but that they waited too long to make their case. he said you played the game, you lost, and then complained about the rules. >> americans deserve the right to talk to americans about who is going to be their president. and the judge held that.
in virginia in hopes of getting their names on the ballot. jon huntsman joined the lawsuit. it claims the access law is unconstitutional. it requires candidates to collect 10,000 signatures and 400 from each district. mitt romney and ron paul are currently the only republicans list odd virginia's ballot. >>> this morning, d.c. police are asking for your help to find a man accused of disturbing kidnapping and assault. they released a composite of a man who assaulted a woman in chinatown last week. she was in her car when the with man jumped into the vehicle. she says he sexually assaulted her at gun point while her 15-month-old son was in the back seat. no arrests have been made. >>> you may want to put away your iphone or other mobile device while riding the metro system. three men robbed a man in maryland. the victim tells metro police one of them had a gun. they demanded his iphone and ran off. no injuries were reported. >>> this morning, frederick county police are searching for the person who shot and killed a golden retriever puppy. 7-month-old heidi was found along station road.
. touchdown after touchdown, west virginia over clemson. putting another bcs bowl game in the record books. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin with several breaking stories we've been tracking overnight. >> first an attack on police officers in utah. a total of six officers shot. >> the officers were targeted as they tried to serve a search warrant. it sounded like someone was firing a machine gun. all six officers are going to be fine. they were taken to the hospital with not life-threatening injuries. a suspect was also shot and taken to the hospital, as well. >>> also overnight, a wave of deadly bombings in iraq. 23 people have been killed in the attacks on two shiite neighborhoods in baghdad. >> the fear is that attacks will step up now that u.s. troops and left. and it raises new questions about the ability of iraqcy security forces to maintain order in their own country. >>> we turn to the battle for make-or-break votes in new hampshire. >> mitt romney is facing some of the fiercest attacks of the campaign so far. >> rick santorum's near-win
. there are numerous prince george's county police detectives as well as detectives from alexandria, virginia. i'll tell you more about that in just a moment. what we're told is that earlier this afternoon police received a report that there might be a body in a well in a house here behind a house here that the home appears to be abandoned. police actually had to bring in a piece of heavy equipment to remove concrete barriers that had been placed in the driveway to keep people from accessing the property. now, they removed those barriers. they created a police command post here on numerous evidence vehicles, forensic evidence department. they brought in firefighters. at one point we're told they attempted to put a camera down in the well to see if anything was there. now i can tell you that at this time we've not been given any information as to whether a natural body has been found in the well. what i can tell you is that detectives from alexandria, virginia are here. whenever a body is found police look at various missing persons cases. the one that certainly would come to mind, the one they w
told virginia not to print or mail out the ballots until he rules on the lawsuit. but he argues if those ballots aren't sent to the printer right now, virginia will not meet the legal deadlines for the ballots. the hearing is set for friday. >>> plans for a memorial on the national mall to honor president dwight eisenhower could be on hold. his family sent a letter to the national capital planning commission objects to that memorial's design. they want the commission to delay the memorial until someone meets their concern. the family says this particular design over emphasizes ike's roots and down plays his accomplishments in world war ii and in the presidency. frank gary was picked for the project. he proposed a statue of young ike eisenhower. >> a former ups worker who remains accused as the mother, daughter slayer was sentenced to 100 years in prison today for terrorizing in a series of other crimes. prosecutors say 28-year-old jason t. scott is responsible for nearly 60 violent home invasions and burglaries and they released video of scott's tools of the trade. check him ou
from michigan across indiana, ohio, all the way to kentucky, west virginia, pennsylvania and, yes, now into maryland. we are getting some snow, the area of white you see in washington county, in western loudoun county, and in frederick county, maryland, getting snow. might get a quick dusting to an inch on the grassy areas there. may be a few snowflakes trying to reach the ground in northern montgomery county. and the temperatures are down to near freezing or below freezing from the blue ridge west. in fact, elkins, west virginia, is now just 20 degrees. 39 at reagan national. mid 30s in the nearby suburbs west and north of washington. here are the latest wind gusts. had a gust at reagan national to 37 miles per hour. pax river had a gust of 39. all of this surging in along a cold front that's swept through and is crossing the bay. a lot of cloudiness around. we ought to see sunshine breaking out this morning and winds whipping up to 50 miles per hour from time to time. we'll be hovering near 40 through the daylight hours. then the temperatures will plummet tonight. a look at your even
virginia taking on the huskies. doan with the dunk, tie's it up, and then in the final seconds, doan with a chance again, but misses. west virginia falls to connecticut. >>> police are remind you go take some precautions before you're the victim of a burglary. that story is coming up. >> plus a few votes have already been cast in today's first presidential primary of the 2011 season. monica? >> we have some fog, and now an accident in virginia, the inner loop of the beltway, in the left lane. crews are just arriving on the season. more on that and other area roadways at 5:30. when you first find out you have breast cancer, you feel like you're in a nightmare. terrified. horrified with the news. when i was diagnosed, i felt very out of control and very helpless and a victim of the disease. i was just so overwhelmed, and, um, my heart just started to race. helpless but never hopeless. (woman) and i can actually do something to help. (woman) and this is something we can do. (man) we can walk. (woman) we can walk. (man) if our wives and daughters, our sisters and mothers can go through b
in virginia. then tonight turning chillier. we'll look at your evening planner in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's the friday traffic? >> good morning. >>> friday traffic looks really good. a lot of green in our area. i'll give you a live look at the beltway. this is the beltway in maryland at university boulevard. not seeing any problems if you're traveling the inner loop or outer loop. i'll give you a travel speed. outer loop, 59 miles an hour. not bad at all. in virginia looking really good as well. no major delays to report at this time. if you're making your way from the wilson bridge at van dorn street, you're at 59 miles per hour. taking a look at the rails, they're up and running. no reported delays on the metro, marc, or vre. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. >>> a developing story this morning. in just a few hours, harry thomas jr. is expected to plead guilty to two federal crimes. the embattled council member resigned after prosecutors charged him with stealing $350,000 in government funds and filing false tax returns. we have live team coverage this mornin
are too warm. hagerstown down to 32 now. martinsburg at 33. 32 in winchester down to stanton, virginia, in the upper teens now much of west virginia. 39 at reagan national. montgomery, arlington, fairfax countys now dropping rapidly. we've got gusty winds. these are the latest wind gusts. we've had them gusting to nearly 40 miles per hour over the last couple of hours. sunrise, 7:26. the strong gusts of wind will be with us throughout the day with the sunshine in and out. cold temperatures hovering near 40. look at the evening planner in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >>> good morning. you've got to be careful. we have strong wind gusts, wet roadways, some areas possiy are going to slick over, especially on the bridge and ramps. you've got to slow down. a live camera on prince george's county, local roads look good. you can tell they are slick. give yourself extra time this morning. please slow down. traveling in montgomery county, this is a look at 16th street and east/west highway. again, light volume. no accidents to report at this time. but give yourself extra time. and if yo
most of virginia and maryland. temperatures have dipped down a little below freezing. now with the fog around we've got the dense fog throughout much of virginia, maryland, the district, eastern shore. we also have patchy ice. this will be with us for another couple of hours. sunrise at 7:26. by then the cloud cover may break up a little. that fog should break up certainly by mid morning. sunshine breaking out. and then during the afternoon, we'll soar into the upper 40s and maybe even low to mid 50s for a brief time during the middle of the afternoon. then changes on the way for tonight and tomorrow. we'll look at that coming up in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning, right now not seeing any accidents in our area. let's take a look at the beltway. the big problem i'm seeing so far is the fog. give yourself a little extra time because of low visibility. here's the beltway at connecticut avenue, inner loop and outer loop in montgomery county. you're clear. traveling the beltway in prince george's county, this is the view at central avenue. no issues in prince george's
into the teens now from west virginia all the way to the atlantic beaches. except right near the bay and tidal president obama, there it's in the mid to upper 20s. and the view from space showing the clear, dry high pressure over us. there are high clouds drifting in to southern west virginia and southwestern virginia now. that will be arriving by late this afternoon. lots of sunshine between now and then. should be good weather for today's mlk day parade. we'll have highs reaching near 40 this afternoon with a southerly breeze. sunrise, 7:25. your evening planner in ten minutes. danella? >>> good morning. still seeing an accident at 95 south at 234. it's a truck in your left shoulder lane. but your left lane is blocked. crews working to get the truck out of the roadway. as you see, it is teetering on its side. after you pass this on i-95, you're pretty much good. traveling i-95 north, no issue to report at this time. now if you're taking the red line today, expect delays because metro's single tracking a couple of them actually. from van ness to depuupont circ and from forest glen toward taco
lucky people in virginia are starting out the new year with a new title, millionaire of the the virginia lottery drew three winners for its annual millionaires ralph. one of the tickets came from a 7-eleven in fairfax county >> so close. >> the ticket number is 310298. the other two tickets were bought in mecklenberg and augusta counties. six others will get $25,000 each. not bad. congratulations. >> to all those folks. >> so close, right? but it was a $20 ticket. kind of steep for the lottery. >> stay with us now. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. straight up. >>> down to the wire, the latest prediction in the race for president. >>> and a miserable finish. the redskins end a bad season on a low note. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. it is monday, january 2nd, 2012. it's going to take us a while to get used to saying that. today you'll notice a big change, and by tomorrow it will really feel like winter. we've been really spoiled. we had such a nice mild december. reality check, tom. >>> back to winter-like weather. the coldest air of the winter so
ended on a sour note for virginia tech at the sugar bowl. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine, washington. it's wednesday, january 4. i am doug mcelway. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. there was no showers in some suburbs yesterday. >> we have some school closures. garrett county public schools' opening two hours late. that's maryland. in virginia, winchester county schools are closed. clark county public schools in virginia will open two hours late. is there any more snowfall all the way to? -- on the way? >>> >>the big story this morning is the cold. 17 at reagan national, in gaithersburg 20 in quantico. nine in winchester. i have been asking my facebook friends for their readings. in warrenton, 16. 13 in damascus. thank you to all my facebook friends for posting this. highs today in the low to mid 30's. much like yesterday with increasing clouds and becoming mostly cloudy. brief snow showers and around sunset and thereafter, even through the night. enough to give you a light
closings and delays to tell you about. virginia, winchester and frederick counties schools are closed. clark schools opening two hours late. in west virginia, hampshire, hardy, pendleton schools all closed. you can find details on our website, >> and tom kierein is here to tell us about our forecast. it is really cold here. >> temperatures just plummeted. the bottom fell out. it's all the way down to 10 degrees throughout much of the region this morning. and those potent, vigorous snow showers were like little mini blizzards. they were a little stronger farther to our west. that's why we got the snow closings there because the snow stuck to the roads and caused a lot of accidents and things are slick. right now at reagan national temperature under a clear sky 17 degrees. the coldest morning since last february. the dewpoints zero. it's very, very dry. we are moisture starved. you'll need the skin lotion all day long. look at winchester's temperature. it's only 7 above zero. montgomery county, fairfax county, the low teens, mid teens in prince george's county. upper
, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties as well as much of maryland and virginia and west virginia. some of high spots in virginia, some of the mild air has moved in. petersburg, 50 degrees. 41 degrees northern part of the valley in winchester, 37. martinsburg at 41. some of the milder air already sweeping up the shenandoah valley. blue ridge east a little bit colder. fredericksburg at 43. southern maryland near 40 degrees, as is much of the northern neck and parts of the eastern shore, the lower part. we've got a few high clouds drifting over us now. we do have this warming trend. yesterday's highs near 50. these are the highs yesterday into today. these are the highs expected this afternoon. into the low to mid-60s throughout much of virginia. around the district and into maryland, upper 50s to around 60 degrees. we're not alone. much of the eastern half of the nation going to be well above normal throughout the rest of the afternoon. not record heat. the record high is 73. we'll get up to near 60 by midafternoon in the metro area with a lot of sun. evening planner in ten minutes
. charleston, west virginia, went from 50 degrees a couple of hours ago to a wind chill of 20 degrees. it's snowing in central portions of west virginia. now chicago seeing snow. look at video out of chicago. you can see the people not enjoying it very much at all today. look at the all the snow. four to eight inches of snow for them. a winter storm warning. we will not see pictures like this. i do not expect to see the snow but what we will see is the very cold temperatures and, again, those temperatures are rushing on in here. the cold air just to our west by only about a hundred miles now. can you see that line right here. that's where that cold air is moving in. the snow is going to move into parts of of the area. i will tell you who i think has the best chance of seeing snow and what kind of temperatures you'll wake up to tomorrow morning. >> thank you, doug. >> tonight's washington's most powerful are keeping a close eye overseas the world reacts to a videos that shows u.s. marines desecrating the bodies of the dead afghans. they have identified all four marines. they expect swift a
in they came to virginia and then moved into maryland and then northwestward toward fort duquesne. accompanying him were virginia militia men. and george washington was at the head of those virginia militia assisting general braddock. so here we have colonials, british colonials from virginia working with the british commander general braddock. braddock didn't find everything easy. he found that the colonists weren't necessarily simply cooperative with the british war effort, especially farmers, and it took benjamin franklin's intervention to help procure wag dons and horses for the british army. and franklin acted as an agent for general braddock and advertised in pap's rur-- pennsylvania's rural counties and basically his message to the farmers was cooperate with the king. he is here to defend us. his troops that is. and if you cooperate, the kinging will pay well for your horses and carts. do not be afraid. as the men who would manage the carts or drive them and you will get good pay, but if you do not cooperate, then the king's business must be done and you will lose your wagons and horses
got green ratings, which means there are multiple laws to keep drivers safe here. virginia, though, got a red rating, putting it near the bottom of the category of driver safety. virginia got that low rating because it doesn't have a primary seat belt law or a no-teching-while-driving law. the report was compiled by the group advocates for highway and auto safety. >>> for a montgomery county woman who served four tours in afghanistan, the road to happiness always leads home to her daughters. this week, she surprised the teens by coming home early from overseas. as darcy spencer represents, the tearful reunion takes place at a restaurant where owners were touched by her story. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: air force captain charissa jackson came home early from afghanistan, stunning her 17-year-old twin daughters. >> how does it feel, mom, to have them back in your arms? >> it's great. wonderful. awesome. >> reporter: jackson, a critical care nurse, hadn't seen the girls since she was deployed back in june. >> it's like we are three bandies together. when i'm not around, it's very har
terms and permitted to return to virginia. so, yet the french have sent the message that british colonials will not have an easy time if they pass into the ohio country. they will be contested by the french and the french, of course, will rely on native allies such as the delawares and the shawnees, and it's interesting to note that in relying on the delawares and shawnees, the french were calling upon the assistance of native peoples who had been forced westward by british colonials in eastern pennsylvania. and some of these native peoples forced westward, of course, harbored resentment against the british and british colonials and helps -- this helps to explain why some of them aided the french at this early stage in the conflict. now, in 1754 and into '55, the british government decided that the conflict in north america was serious enough that british troops should become directly involved. now, this is a very interesting point. the year is 1755. war has not yet been declared between britain and france. and yet, there is fighting in north america that's already begun. the bri
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